Current Affairs 7th Dec 2018

DATE: 7th Dec 2018, Friday

Current Affairs

Prepared by: Maharana Sibasankar

Sources: THE HINDU and Indian Express

52.Surat may become fastest growing city, 17 of 20 world’s fastest-growing cities from India


“Oxford Economics in its report Global Cities: The future of the world’s leading urban economies to 2035” predicting 17 of 20 fastest-growing cities in the world will be from India in the term of GDP growth between 2019 and 2035


  • Major Findings of the reports:
    • Surat, a commercial center for textiles in Gujarat, will witness the fastest GDP growth followed by Bangalore and Agra.
    • Outside of India, Phnom Penh is the fastest growing city in the world in the 2019-2035 forecast
    • When it comes to the total size of the economies, New York will continue to be the largest urban economy due to its growing finance & business service sector
    • In comparison to the world’s biggest metropolises, India’s economic output is expected to remain small.
    • According to the forecast, in 2027, the aggregate GDP of all Asian cities will for the first time exceed the combined GDP of all North American and European Cities.


  • The faster the cities’ economies grow; the more migrants they will attract. This, in turn, will pressure already scarce resources such as land and water.
  • More inhabitants will require more energy, adding to the carbon footprint of these cities.

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