Territorial Army Syllabus

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There are two papers and each paper is divided into two parts. The syllabus for each part of the Territorial Army Examination is stated here.

Paper 1:  Reasoning and Elementary Mathematics

Part 1- Reasoning: As the name suggests, questions related to logical reasoning will be asked to check the competence level of the candidate. Questions related to sequencing, logical conclusions, rational thinking, and others are included in the syllabus.

Part 2- Elementary Mathematics: Topics related to the arithmetic number system, elementary number theory, Unitary Method, Time & distance, Percentages, S.I & C.I, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry are included in the syllabus.

Paper 2: General Knowledge and English

Part 1- General Knowledge: Everything about the current affairs, events taking place around the world, history, geography, and all the general awareness topics that are expected to be known from an educated person are included in the syllabus.

Part 2- English: Essay, sequencing of sentences, comprehension passage, fill in the blanks, synonyms, antonyms, papa jumbles, error spotting, and similar topics are included in the syllabus.